Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Most Useful Piece of Software - Adblock Plus #TipsTuesdays 22

The Most Useful Piece of Software
Adblock Plus

So today's Tips Tuesday is very simple it is a piece of advice for every user of the internet. I am sure most of you already know, but I didn't realise how useful something like this was until a friend mentioned it. Since I installed it, so many things have become easier.

The piece of software I am talking about is Adblock Plus.

It is a FREE plugin for many browsers including Safari that blocks ads on websites for you. Thus making your browsing easier. Often it is the ads that try to put Malware etc on your computer or tie up you browser with pop-up windows that won't go away etc.

It is also configurable, so if you do want to support a site because you know it has unobtrusive ads and the site deserves the revenue you can add it to the whitelist.

This plugin makes browsing:
  • faster
  • safer
  • much less annoying.
If you don't have it yet, I thoroughly recommend it.

For those with Smartphones and Tablets, there is also AdBlock Browser for an ad free internet experience. Since I don't have a smart phone and my tablet is Win10, I haven't tried this one, but if it is as good as the browser plugin, it's awesome.

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