Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sick And Tired Of Doing Social Media The Old Way? Read This #TipsTuesdays 23

Sick And Tired Of Doing Social Media The Old Way?

So thanks to the lovely Sara C. Snider my Twitter and Facebook have a new lease of life. In a post last week she introduced me to Buffer and I cannot stress how easy this makes certain aspects of social media.

Good things about Buffer:

  • It is FREE to a certain level, which is perfectly usable for those of us just wanting to get one account going.
  • It has a tool to work out your accounts optimum posting times.
  • It allows you to schedule tweets days and days ahead.
  • It has are plugins and mobile aps  which means if you find any interesting page/tweet you can simply add it to your buffer.
  • Editing the tweet and Facebook posts is really easy even after you've queued them.
  • It even has an image ap that helps you to create images to go with your buffered posts if you need to.

Bad things about Buffer:

  • You can only have two accounts connected on the free plan (10 on paid).
  • You can only buffer 10 items on the free plan (100 on paid).
  • Some of the really cool stuff is only available in the "Awesome Plan"
What I love is that I can simply click and add things and then forget about them as Buffer deals with all the logistics and sends my tweets out at the best times for them to be seen. I can still tweet and retweet in between if the urge takes me, but my queue is still sitting there.

As Sara mentioned in her post too, it's kind of fun trying to keep the buffer topped up :).


  1. I think I used buffer a while ago and it was useful, but if I remember, you couldn't schedule identical tweets. Which is understandable as it reduces spam, but there were a few times when I wanted to schedule a tweet twice with a few weeks between and I couldn't. Now, I just use the schedule feature on Tweetdeck.

    1. I haven't tried that - I try to make all my tweets different, even if it's just the punctuation :) My Tweetdeck does not always behave, so I tend to use it for reading, not doing anything fancy :)


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