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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Review: Aimersoft Video Converter Ulitmate - Very Easy to Use Software

Aimersoft Video Converter Ulitmate
Very Easy to Use Software

So I have used various video converters finding that many have issues with certain conversions, but are really good for others. When it comes to Aimersoft's Video Converter Ultimate, I have yet to find something it does not do well. There is a free trial version for those who wish to try it out like I have been doing. The trial will only convert a certain percentage of your file, but it is plenty to check the quality and speed of the product.

The interface is very good and easy to use, giving preview options in very obvious places. This makes it very straightforward to decide which media you wish to convert without having to mess around with further menus or preview panes.

Likewise the conversion formats are given in very visual ways with precise and concise explanations as to what they are so you don't have to guess what you want to output the file to. The choice of audio track and subtitle options are also right there and easy to use.

As with all video converters, it takes a lot of CPU when it is running, but it seems to be fast and converts files simultaneously, so it doesn't hog your processor for too long. Doesn't cause machine lock up either, which I have had with other converters.

Very use friendly and efficient product.

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