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Friday, 29 January 2016

Battle of the Planets - Ah the Rose Tinted Goggles of Nostalgia - #FanFriday 15

Welcome to Fan Fridays 15 and a trip back to my childhood :). Hope you enjoy the post.

Battle of the Planets
Ah the Rose Tinted Goggles of Nostalgia

Now I know that Battle of the Planets was a hacked around version of the Japanese Gatchaman and the US producers kind of wrecked it, but I still absolutely adored this cartoon as a child. If I had to miss G-Force blasting off in their Fiery Phoenix for any reason, there was major trouble. It was often the cartoon show along with Why Don't You during the school holidays.

I have gently looked back into the series in the recent past, but lets just say, it's best left in my memory, I think :). For a start 7-Zar-Z is so incredibly annoying and the animation in his parts so utterly terrible that I have no idea how we put up with it as kids, but we did. I suppose condescending robots are less annoying when you are seven!

This is the cartoon that really addicted  me to animation. I loved Scooby Doo as well, but nothing compared to Battle of the Planets.

The gist of the series is the Mark, Princess, Tiny, Keyop and Jason are a group of five young people with superpowers who protect the Earth from the planet Spectra and the evil Zoltar.

Not gonna lie, I always fancied Mark. He was the strong leader all in white. The ultimate hero and typical knight on a white steed, or in this case white plane.

At school we all loved the whole transformation bit, where they would bring their wrists in front of their faces and say "Transmute" to go from normal people to being G-Force. Mark always seemed to be sitting in his plane when that happened. I have very fond memories of all of us having our coats only done up by one button around our necks and dashing around the playground playing G-Force.

These days I think I might be more likely to go for Jason, who was a bit of a bad boy :).

G-Force had a space ship called The Phoenix and Tiny was in charge of flying it, while all the others also had other vehicles that could be separated from it.
  • Mark had a jet, as I have already mentioned, which was very fast and sleek.
  • Princess had a very futuristic motorcycle.
  • Jason had a weaponised racing car (I did mention he was the bad boy, yes? :)).
  • Keyop has an all terrain vehicle, which according to Wikipedia was called a Space Bubble.
The Phoenix was no ordinary space craft either. It was capable of becoming the Fiery Phoenix, which was a flaming ship that could save them from just about anything.

I honestly don't remember any of the plots of Battle of the Planets, just G-Force kicking butt and Zoltar forever losing. As a child it fired my imagination just like Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk. It may seem a bit terrible looking back at it, but when I was a pre-teen it was THE BEST EVER! Because of that it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Do you have any fondly remembered cartoons from your childhood? Do they hold up or are they as cringe-worthy as Battle of the Planets? :)


  1. Transmute! Even better than By the Power of Greyskull, or Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats ho! :)

    I have to say, all of these have many a cringe-worthy moments and let's not talk about She-ra. And since I didn't hear about Studio Ghibli until I was in my 20's, I don't have any non-cringe-worthy ones from my childhood years. However, they made my childhood and along with the likes of The Enchanted Castle and Doctor Who, they inspired me to write and be who I am now, so, even if they are a bit dodgy now-a-days, I will always love them :)


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