Friday 18 December 2015

Star Wars - How Could I Not? #FanFridays 13

Welcome to Fan Fridays 13 and after the release of the latest Star Wars film, how could I not choose Star Wars for this week? Today I will be waxing lyrical about the original trilogy, so, don't worry, no spoilers for the new movie.

Star Wars - How Could I Not?

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I am a big fan of the original three Star Wars movies and they encapsulate so many of the wonderful things I remember from childhood. I am sure we all have our favourites from when we were younger. The kind of movies that make us feel warm inside and all nostalgic. Star Wars does this for me.

Now my parents were not big cinema goers, nor were they sci-fi fans, so they had absolutely no idea that when they took me and Soph to see The Empire Strikes Back, it was a sequel. We were only 8 at the time and we couldn't go on the afternoon part of a school trip because they were going to the beach and we had plaster casts on our feet - sand and plaster casts are a bad combination. So the school gave my parents permission to take us off somewhere else. They took us to the cinema.

 I blame The Empire Strikes Back for many, many of my hot buttons in fiction, but the two biggest are the following:

  • My love of hurt/comfort:
    Thanks to Luke, that cave, the beast, Han, the tauntaun and then that medical tube thing they had Luke in, I am a complete sucker for all things hurt/comfort. That whole section climbed into my psyche and stayed put forever and ever :).
  • My pathalogical need to know if something has a happy ending before consuming it, be it film or book:
    I was only 8, I had never seen a film where the goodies didn't win outright. The fact that Han was encased in carbonite, Luke lost his hand and the rebels were basically on the run just totally blew my mind. This film and a book I once read where the heroine turns into a tree at the end for no reason I could fathom are why I have trust issues with media and flick to the last page of the book or look up spoilers before I engage too deeply :).
Empire was my introduction to Star Wars and it grabbed me and refused to let go. I had the photo story book, which my parents bought for me from the book club that used to come to school, and it was a very good thing it was well put together because I read it so much. The toys were too pricey for our little family, so I never had any of them, but I never really knew much about them anyway, so it wasn't a great loss. That book was awesome.

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We then saw Star Wars, A New Hope when it first showed on UK TV in 1982. Finally a few of the things from Empire made more sense ;). It was just as amazing as Empire and kept me and Soph completely hooked. It was after this I think we found ourselves a copy of Splinter of the Mind's Eye, a very good Star Wars novel by Alan Dean Foster, which is in no way canon, but a great book anyway.

At this point my favourite character was Luke and I thought Han was a bit of an ass, but as I have grown I have come to appreciate them both equally. Of course Leia is utterly awesome and should never be forgotten and I love her to pieces, but I don't fancy her and I did mention the whole hurt/comfort kick I have going on right, and the tauntaun? ;) Totally my favourite section from all three of the films.

Finally we saw Return of the Jedi on VHS. We didn't have a VCR at the time, but a friend who was staying with us was a school headmistress and, for safety, they always used to have someone take the AV equipment home during the school holidays. We were lucky enough to look after their VCR and I remember watching RotJ four times in one day when my father hired it for us.

I know some people hate the Ewoks and think Jedi is too cutesy in places, but I loved it then and I still love it now. I adore the Ewoks, I think the fight between Vader and Luke is simply amazing, and I never get bored of the film. In fact I never get bored of any of the original Star Wars films.

I am pretty sure that the new Star Wars film is amazing, since I have heard no ranting at all yet. I will be going to see it once the Christmas madness is over and I have high hopes. I really enjoyed most of Episode 1, but hated 2 and 3, so I have my fingers crossed for The Force Awakens. I hope everyone who has already seen it has enjoyed it enormously.

Here's to the bright future of the Star Wars franchise; may it last for a long time now in our galaxy not so far away :).

Which is your favourite Star Wars film?


  1. Return of the Jedi was always my favourite growing up. Leia was badass, I thought the Ewoks were adorable, and I loved Vader's redemption arc. I credit it for my love of reformed villain stories, and my fascination with characters like the Malfoys and Loki.

    1. I am totally with you on Vader :) I think that's probably why I really disliked the second 2 prequels, because I didn't want to see him slide into being that person who needed redeeming - or it could be that I just don't overly enjoy Hayden Christensen as an actor :).

  2. I saw The Force Awakens yesterday, and I think it lives up to all the best bits of the original trilogy. The audience gasped and applauded and cheered at the end - something very rare in British cinemas :-)

    As for my favourite - A New Hope, because it was the first.

    1. Awesome :) I look forward to seeing it. I have heard many good things.

      Rob and I watched A New Hope again last night - it is still brilliant - love it every time.


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