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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Comic Book Mini Figures - Oh the fun :)

So my darling husband bought me one more Christmas pressie that only arrived today - 32 mini comic book figures :) He knows me so well!

The were late because they came from China... which should give you a hint that they are Chinese knock offs rather than official Lego figures or similar :).

You can also tell this because if they thought the character didn't look dangerous enough, i.e. they had no obvious weapons, they gave them some. I think Hulk and Superman probably didn't need the guns they were given ;).

I honestly have no idea who some of the figures actually are (I only know the really famous characters) and, as I am sure we can all tell, there is a mixture of Marvel and DC :).

My fingers are now very sore because they all came in little bits and Rob and I assembled them. The hands were really tough to get on the arms! Fun though :D.

Somewhat disappointed that out of 32 figures only 3 are female, but at least some of them are I suppose. Of course it says everything that there are 2 Wolverines and 2 Hawkeyes, but no Black Widow at all!

All of them are now taking up shelf space in the library guarding books :)

Who can name all 32 figures in the piccie? :)


  1. Hi Natasha - oh what fun .. and what a great day you've had fixing them up .. now guarding your library - that makes sense!

    Cheers and Happy New Year - Hilary

    1. I'm not sure how safe the library will be in the hands of supervillains, but at least a couple of them are book geeks, so they will probably keep the others in line if the superheroes don't manage it :).

  2. That's a cool present! LOLing at the Hulk having a gun. Yeah, he so needs one. ;)


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