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Monday, 2 November 2015

Indominus Rex - Silly Name, Coolish Monster - #MonsterMondays 24

Rob and I saw Jurassic World last night for the first time, so of course, how could I not use today to talk about the big bad monster of the piece, the Indominus Rex? Please be aware there will be spoilers for the movie in this post right from the start.

Indominus Rex
Silly Name, Coolish Monster

So the Indominus Rex, a dinosaur with cuttlefish and tree frog DNA that give it the ability to camouflage and change it's body temperature to fool thermal sensors. It's probably the cuttlefish that gives it its brains as well, or are we supposed to believe that's the raptor part? It was obvious the whole raptor revelation was coming from the moment they refused to say what dinosaurs it was based on.

I enjoyed the film, a lot. but I have to say, although the idea of the Indominus Rex was cool, I was not overcome by the execution. In fact I thought she was rather over designed as a monster.

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We learned in Jurassic Park that because of the frog DNA the dinosaurs had changed sex and and started breeding. I liked the mirror in Jurassic World where unexpected things happened because of the new DNA, except that is wasn't unexpected actually. That's the bit that really annoyed me. No way could you have got changes like that past a whole development team without them asking questions, which means either the whole team were on the take or no one is writing their reports properly.

Also what was all that about keeping the actual DNA choices from the owner of the company?!!! Who thought that was a good idea?

Anyway back to the actual beastie.

I don't think she should have had camouflage and  temperature abilities - the temperature part was unnecessary and silly. You have a giant, really violent, dangerous dinosaur in a holding area and you have temperature and implant systems to know where it is, so when one fails, you check the other one, for heaven's sake - you definitely don't send people in! That part was moronic, hence I think the temperature part was redundant. The camouflage would have been enough.

Since she was intelligent enough to make the claw marks and intelligent enough to claw out the tracer and set an ambush, why wasn't she intelligent enough to simply lob the tracer implant over the wall? Same end result.

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For that matter how is she intelligent enough to known regulating her body temperature will stop the humans finding her? This is one very smart dinosaur.

You could say she scratched out the tracer because it was used to shock her too, but then how did she know how to set the ambush? It doesn't make sense.

In Jurassic Park the T-Rex and the raptors were terrifying because they were dinosaurs with lots of teeth and claws. In Jurassic World the Indominus Rex was supposed to be terrifying because she had all these cool abilities, but I think they over cooked it a bit. I really did enjoy the film, but thinking about her after watching it, the Indominus Rex seems a little too good to be true.

What do you think of the Indominus Rex as a monster?


  1. I enjoyed the movie too, but I didn't run out to buy it once it was release on DVD. I thought some of the things they did with the Indominus Rex was over cooked too. And the part about not telling the company what it's made of was just ridiculous. Why would they let that happen? It made no sense to me.

    1. It was very silly in places, but entertaining :) I think I will chalk this one up to being a turn your brain off movie :D


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