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Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Rugby World Cup - A Non-Fan's Perspective - #ThinkyThursdays 6

Welcome to another Thinky Thursday, which is basically my excuse to talk about anything that pops into my head. Since I really enjoyed the rugby match I watched on telly last night, that is my topic of choice.

The Rugby World Cup - A Non-Fan's Perspective

So I don't normally watch Rugby - I'm not really into watching team sports where men or women run around chasing a ball - I prefer watching things like gymnastics and snow boarding. However, I make an exception when it comes to the rugby World Cup, because Rob likes to watch it and I like to keep him company.

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I have to say I like rugby much more than I like football. It looks like it should be a much more down and dirty sport, but actually it's seems far more civilised to me. You don't often hear a football player say, "Yes, sir, sorry, sir." when he's told off, but it happens all the time in Rugby. One minute these huge guys are nearly in a punch up and the next they're apologising for their behaviour because they know they let the testosterone get out of hand.

The fact that they have a TMO, camera and mics everywhere and they use them is also brilliant. There's none of this grandstanding - if the try is in question, it get's looked at and the ref is not afraid to admit if he's made a mistake. Twice I've seen a try given and then the off pitch ref calls in a problem and the try is taken away and no one argues.

They're also trying to make the game a lot safer and all the eyes on the field really help with that. All the shirts have GPS trackers in them these days as well, which is quite amazing. I have no idea if they do that in football as well now since I tend to avoid it like the plague.

Also, where else could you hear ref Nigel Owens utter the immortal words: "Dive like that again and come back here in two weeks and play."

For those not in on the joke, the World Cup has taken over several football grounds for their games, this one was being played at St James Park, usually the home of Newcastle United.

Also Nigel Owens is an openly gay ref. That's why my favourite quote of his is from the European Champions Cup where a line out went completely wrong and the ball was way off course: "I'm straighter than that one".

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His top 10 quotes from other games before the World Cup can be seen here: Nigel Owens Top 10 Quotes. He's awesome.

All the refs seem pretty good for this World Cup - they are taking no messing from anyone and most of them seem incredibly good at calming down over testosterone powered 6'3'' rugby players who get a bit over enthusiastic.

I've found myself actually watching the games properly and finally figuring out the rules - never managed that before. I mostly used to just watch for the nice muscles in tight shirts and not bother about the intricacies of the game ;). Strong men wrestling on a muddy pitch - what's not to like? ;) I was very disappointed that the Italian team no longer have the disintegrating shirts though - those were entertaining.

My favourite game was definitely Japan vs South Africa - the score just kept going one way and then the other and South Africa just looked kind of shell shocked at the end. It was as if they couldn't believe what had just happened.

If you are a rugby fan, I hope you are enjoying the World Cup, if you aren't sorry for wittering on about it. Not too much longer ;)

Are you a rugby fan? Do you watch for the tries or for the muscles in tight shirts and shorts, or both? ;)

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  1. A fan but my better half isn't a sports fan at all. Maybe growing up in the US with the obsession there with some team sports was a big turn-off. However, we did watch the Winter Olympics avidly once, and rooted for Canada in the ice hockey :-)

    As we live in Wales NOT England, we are cheering on those that wear the dragon with pride.

    1. Good luck to Wales :)
      I love watching the Winter Olympics, but usually I watch the skiing and the ice dancing etc, not the team sports. Really can't get into ice hockey.

    2. Wales might have lost to Australia today, but they are still in - although they play South Africa next.

      Have to admit that I prefer skiing and skating to the ice hockey. (And I used to race a bit in Canada.)


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