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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Motivation in Organisation - #ThinkyThursdays 4

So for Thinky Thursdays 4 I have decided to muse on the topic of motivation, since I have had a few problems in that area lately.

Motivation in Organisation

So for a few months I have felt as if I was in something of a rut. I published my last novel back in March and I had all these plans to get more out really quickly and none of them panned out.

Same with my blog, everything was really great during April for the AtoZChallenge and then I had no ideas.

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Well I think I've figured out what I need to stay motivated: organisation.

I know that may sound weird, but it seems to work for me. For example, let's look at my blog. I was ticking away with the odd post, but nothing really special and then the idea for Monster Mondays hit me. It's a regular post on a regular day with a theme. What's more I think I've only missed one, possibly two, since I started it.

The fact I had a schedule motivates me.

That the posts have a style and a layout, motivates me.

In fact it worked so well I had the crazy idea of adding a theme to all my other work days as well. Now I have:
Now I don't force myself to do a post for every one each week - but I will not go less than three out of five unless there are exceptional circumstances. I really think it's the organisation of having themes and knowing what my schedule it which has motivated me in this area. My blog seems to be flourishing thanks to it.

Then there is what started me thinking about this today in the first place. I mentioned on Tuesdays about the new novel writing software I found called yWriter (Finally Found Some Wonderful Novel Writing Software I Like - yWriter - #TipsTuesdays 6). It has helped me organise one of my current work in progress and my productivity is through the roof.

It took me a couple of hours to add in all my characters, locations and items as well as putting in the existing text. Since that point I have:
  1. Organised the whole novel, deciding what scenes need to be added in and where, so I now have a (almost) complete scene and chapter list. There is just a little bit right at the end to decide about. 
  2. Finally figured out the two major plot points that have had me stalled for months.
  3. Written 9000 words in three days on scenes that have been bugging me for months, and they just flowed.
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I honestly think this is all because I organised things. For some reason having everything modularised and laid out motivates me. I am having a ball. Once I have finished this novel all the other WiPs are going into this program too. I think the act of doing the organisation actually stimulates something in my brain. It probably has something to do with why I actually enjoy categorising and alphabetising our DVD and Blu-ray collection and our library of books as well :).
Do you find organisation helps to motivate you? What are your strategies for staying motivated?

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  1. Being organised is definitely something I could do with more of! My blog is sporadic, and I like posting what I like when I like, but schedules are good too. I've been trying to stick to one for my writing. I've never tried novel-writing software, but I can see the benefit.

    1. It's the word counts and the fact I can see all the scenes and how progressed they are that is really helping me.

      As for the blog, the themes really keep me motivated, but I totally get the seat of the pants posting too :).


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