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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Cats - #ThinkyThursdays 1

Yep, you guessed it, another weekly blog event (or as often as I can think of something) :) Welcome to Thinky Thursdays, which is just like it sounds, a blog post about anything I happen to be thinking about, on a Thursday. Sometimes it might be deep thinky thoughts and sometimes just what happens to be wandering through my brain at the time.


I have always loved cats. Ever since I was very young we have had cats and still do to this day. My parents have a lovely dog called Nemo as well these days, but when we were small we only had cats. Personally I'm pretty much a gonner for anything fluffy.

My mother tells the story of when me and my twin were very small and we were in the supermarket. Both of us little angels were sitting in the trolley and Mama had to go and pick something off a shelf, or talk to someone, so she parked us next to the tins of cat food because she thought we wouldn't try anything there. We were very small at that age because we were premature at birth and didn't really catch up in the growing stakes until the end of primary school, so she also probably through we couldn't reach anything. Apparently she only took her yes off us for a minute and by the time she turned back we have filled the trolley full of cat food "For Augie". We loved our kitty.

I have to admit I don't really remember the cats from back then as anything more than a concept, but I do remember the two kitties we had once we moved to Wittersham: Otter and Froby.


Otter was the prettiest black and white kitty with an adorable nature. When he was young he was attacked by a fox and had to have pins in his leg. Ever after that, whenever he sat on a windowsill or the like he would hang his leg down off it while the rest of him remained on the perch normally. He was forever purring and loved people. He could also charm a bird right out of tree just by staring at it - I kid you not.


Or rather Frobisher Sally Jane Mary as she was known when she was naughty. Now here is a very strange cat. She was sweet, but boy was she odd. To start with she had these huge yellow eyes, one of which twitched side to side. You could always tell if she was listening to you or ignoring you because if she wasn't paying attention her eye would be twitching. She was completely black, but not an elegant cat at all.

She had a double jointed back, or something like that, which meant if she tried to run too fast her back end would over take her front end and she'd end up facing the wrong way looking confused. In later life this also meant it was sometimes dicey having her on your knee because she would have this muscle spasms that meant her claws would dig in to sensitive places. We loved her and she lived to a ripe old age despite her problems.

My parents had Barnabus, their first dog, after that, so it wasn't until my sister had cats that cats returned to the house. She had Angel (a pretty cat that loved humans but was a right cow to other cats) and then Ythran (big, white, fluffy and so pretty that everyone thought he was a girl), who died a couple of months ago, and now she has Silver and Binks who already have the whole family wrapped round their little paws.

After my husband and I were married we didn't have cat for a while. My husband is actually mildly allergic to them and they used to bring out his asthma, however, then we met Levi. He had been rescued by a friend and, how can I put this, he and Rob just bonded when they met.

Rob still had to wash his hands after giving Levi a love or end up with an itchy face, but his asthma stopped playing up very quickly.

Levi was so laid back he was mostly horizontal :). He loved to sit on people and my desk when I was trying to work and he was a real sweety. The factory next door use to love him too and he visited them all the time - they called him Ginge :).

He was 15 when he died at home from a massive stroke, brought on by the fact he was hyperthyroid.
Now while we had Levi we also had Bijou for a while. She was a very sweet kitty, but we had to put a glow in the dark collar on her because she had a nasty habit of lying in the middle of the floor and you couldn't see her at night :).

She loved to sit on anyone and everyone given the opportunity.

Unfortunately she had a congenital problem with her back (at least we assume that's what it was since one of her brothers had the same thing) and in the end she was doubly incontinent. She was uncomfortable all the time and unhappy so we eventually took the decision to have her put to sleep. Levi missed her for ages.

Amber and Ruby

We didn't have kitties for a while after Levi died, but once you've had them a house seems empty without them. Then my husband met up with some old uni friends and one of them was talking about his Savannah. One thing led to another and we found Wicca Cats and ended up becoming a home for two of their ex-breeding queens. So these days we have Amber and Ruby.

Anyone who says cats aren't affectionate, doesn't know any of the cats I've ever known. Every single one has been loving in their own way. I can't imagine my life without kitties, even when they are being a pain in the proverbial ;).

Do you have or have had cats? What are their names and what do they get up to?

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  1. Aww, from those piccies, you'd never know what divas your Savannahs can be ;P

    1. I could have gone for the regal piccies, but those ones were more fun ;)


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