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Thursday, 19 March 2015

I love this Chrome plugin - OneTab

I love this plugin for Chrome. OneTab is simply brilliant. Someone recommended it on Tumblr (sorry, can't remember who) and I decided to try it because when I do things in Photoshop sometimes I have to shut down my Chrome tabs or actions and other memory heavy functions run really slowly.

I used to do this as follows:
  1. Click to bookmark all my tabs
  2. Choose where to put these bookmarks
  3. create a new directory for them - hopefully with a sensible name
  4. Promptly forget where I bookmarked them.
And of course, half the time I would forget which set was which because I couldn't be arsed to figure out a useful name ;).

OneTab does this all for me. With one click on the OneTab icon in a window, all the tabs are saved as links on the OneTab tab. You can even name the different groups if there are a selection of links you want to keep for longer in a sensible manner.

This is per window, so if you have two or three windows like I do when I am working on different research, the tabs are saved as separate groups.

Then you can restore all the tabs at once if you want to, or a tab at a time. A tab group opens in a new window and a single tab opens as a new tab in your current window.

We all know Chrome will eat memory when it can - not as badly as IE, but it chomps away and doesn't give it back. It's brilliant for those moments when you realise you have 80 tabs open and Chrome is running just a tad slowly ;). On click and you can select which tabs to reopen and save the ones you don't really need now for later.

It also lets me reduce Chrome to one tab - duh, when I leave the computer so that if Ruby (one of my kitties) decides to prance on my keyboard it's less likely to do something silly ;).

It even had import and export functionality, so you can back up your URL groups if you are paranoid ;).

I love this plugin ... did I mention that yet, because I really do? :D


  1. Hi Tasha .. it certainly looks like an excellent idea ... I've saved it to look at anon ..

    Thanks for posting up - cheers Hilary

    1. You're welcome - I never would have found it if someone hadn't mentioned it and it is a godsend :)


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