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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Ginger Nuts of Horror - The Film that Made Me Guest Post

Today I have a guest post over at a wonderful blog called Ginger Nuts of Horror. How could anyone not love a site called that?

This site is all about the horror genre and has some wonderful sections:
  • Horror Interviews
  • Horror News
  • The Book That Made Me (articles by horror authors and fans about the books that made them fans of the genre)
  • The Film That Made Me (as above, but horror films)
  • Horror Reviews 
  • and more
The Film That Made Me - The Lost Boys - Ginger Nuts of Horror
The Lost Boys
I have a post in The Film That Made Me section and I chose "The Lost Boys". If you would like to see why, head over to Ginger Nuts of Horror and check out my post:


If you enjoy horror you should definitely check out Ginger Nuts of Horror. The blog also takes guest posts, does interviews and does reviews (although that will take more time and cannot be guaranteed) so if you are a horror author/film maker, check out the site.

P.S. For those who do not know what Ginger Nuts are they're ginger biscuits/cookies, hence the site's logo (which is awesome).
Ginger Nuts of Horror
Ginger Nuts of Horror - click on over to see it full size in all its glory

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