Saturday, 2 August 2014

Shopping, vibrating exercise machines and stuff...

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten the reviewing of the vampire movies, I've just been really busy with the Wittegen Press site relaunch for next week, so I'll get back to them after that :).

So Rob had the day off yesterday and we went shopping in the morning. He needed some new shirts and I needed some new tops.

We went to TK Max first and I love that shop. I can never find any clothes (I'm not the right shape for designer stuff), but they have a wonderful household and toy section and Rob loves the shirts and jeans. He managed to find a pair of Levi 511s for £20 and he also picked up one of his favourite makes of shirt :). I found some socks ::g:: - they are soft top socks so they don't leave elastic marks and they were only a £1 for three pairs.

Matalan were also having a sale - yay - so I have stocked up on tops for the season :). My old ones were beginning to fall apart.

It was very good retail therapy.

The other thing I wanted to ramble and rave about is my new exercise machine. It's a Confidence Fitness Vibration Plate and it's is brilliant (Rob found me one on eBay for £50, but I've seen them for £130 new). Don't look at me like that, don't knock it until you've tried it.

Basically you stand on it, sit on it or otherwise make contact with it and then go through one of its programs where it vibrates you at various speeds for 10mins. It is a very good way of toning up with very low impact. I love it because it doesn't hurt my ankles. I was sceptical when I first heard of them, but it was my aunt who mentioned them. Her friend was actually advised to use one by her doctor because they are supposed to be very good for people with arthritis and my aunt was amazed at how her friend also toned up really well.

So my dear Mama bought one and has also found it to be brilliant.

No it won't give anyone a sixpack, but you know those flabby bits you just can't get rid of? They start to shrink!

Also it is very good for circulation and blood pressure. Another friend was pointed at using one by her personal trainer and ever since she started with it, her blood pressure is so much better. Ah, but it will be the exercise with the PT I hear you say and I will respond by mentioning that she has always been a swimmer and used to go several times a week way before she had the personal trainer.

This bit might be TMI for some, but it's very worth mentioning, Then there is the aid to, shall we say, the passage of food through the body. Yet another friend was having terrible trouble with her intestine, lots of pain and having had all sorts of tests at the hospital, with no luck. My parents bought her one of these for her birthday and she says she feels like a new woman. No pain and regular as clockwork. I have also seen the benefits of this aspect of the exercise machine.

When you first start you just stand there reading a book or watching something on a device for 10 mins, but there are exercises you can do too. I'm not that advanced yet :). I also lie on the floor with my calves on a pillow on the plate to loosen up my ankles and lower legs. I haven't had trouble with puffy ankles since I started using it like that. Because of my talipes it can be very painful to walk far (I usually use a crutch) and everything below the knee really doesn't work well (no calf muscles, fixed ankles, walk on tiptoe because my heels can't touch the ground), but this machine is a god send. It gets the blood flowing and gently massages my feet and ankles to get them moving again (well as much as they ever do - which is a tiny bit) after they've stiffened up because I've been shopping or something.

I love this machine to pieces and I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble with impact exercise. Actually I would recommend it to anyone, but if you're doing other types of exercise as well, the effects will be less visible.

Finally, have booked tickets to see Guardians of the Galaxy on Tuesday - can't wait :D.

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