Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Drabble Cascade #64 - 'year' - Stop and Look (G)

This week's word prompt is 'year'. If you would like to join in the cascade just:

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I was just thinking about how a year seems so different at different ages for my drabble below. Hope you enjoy it.

Stop and Look (G)
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

When you are seven, a year is an eternity; when seventeen, it's just right to get everything done; at twenty seven it seems not enough and at thirty seven, blink and you missed it.

They say time is always the same as long as you are travelling at the same speed. That must mean a person travels much slower when they are seven than when they are seventy; not exactly intuitive.

Maybe it's just our minds that move too fast as we age. Stop and look around once in a while and perhaps a year will be an eternity again.

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  1. You wrote a deep drabble.

  2. This is truth. Perhaps the year in childhood seems so endless because there are less obligations, responsibilities and deadlines. Children float through time free of worry but adults must swim against time. I’ve heard it said that up to the age of early 20s there’s a feeling of invulnerability. It makes sense, as you age, you start feeling the finish line of death approaching.

    Of course if you’re a child in a war zone or an environment that strips away that feeling of innocent invulnerability then perhaps time can’t pass soon enough to get you safely to whatever your culture says happens after death or perhaps you emotionally age faster and the world with you.

    This is a deep drabble.


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