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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

There is nothing wrong with a man in a dress! Conchita is Awesome.

For those who have been under a rock, or not in Europe, this year's Eurovision Song Contest was won by Austria and their entrant, Conchita Wurst, a singer whose real name is Tom Neuwirth, who created the persona of Conchita in a bid for tolerance.

"This is about an important message, it's call for tolerance for everything that seems different." - Conchita Wurst

She was utterly spectacular on the night and boy does she have a fantastic voice. Play the vid, the song is brilliant - it's the official vid from Eurovision TV.

I think her win is incredibly important because it really is a complete up yours to all the prejudice.

There is a backlash in Russia apparently with celebrities shaving off their beards - which is clearly a political move. However, according to Popbitch on twitter, Rise Like a Phoenix is currently No1 on Russian charts, so ordinary people are not of the same opinion. See this article for info on both:

Russia tried to have Conchita banned before the competition : http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/russia-slams-eurovision-winner-conchita-3525396

Sorry Putin - you can't stage a debate with only one side of the argument and expect people to take it seriously. I feel sorry for your entry this year because they're only 17 and they were booed and that is your fault for invading Ukraine. You're a homophobic arsehole with megalomania and Europe just stuck its fingers up at you.

However, it's not just Russia sadly. I've already heard someone say it was disgusting and that they had to try and explain it to their 4 year old. Um, so what? Just tell them she's a man who likes to wear dresses and be a lady when she's singing. What's hard about that? You don't have to explain all the political and social implications to a 4 year old.

Personally I thought explaining Poland's entry to a 4 year old might be harder, given that there were two lasses on the stage who were only there for their big boobs and the butter churning was fooling no one!

For heaven's sake, we're in the 21st century, if a man wants to wear a dress he should be able to. Judge people on who they are and how they treat others, not what they look like or who they do or don't love.

If you would like to read more about Conchita here is her official page and her wiki page.

All I can say is, well done Europe. We voted for a fantastic singer, a fantastic song and tolerance.

Oh and for the record, for once my fav songs came top:

  1. Rise Like a Phoenix - Austria - Conchita Wurst
  2. Calm After the Storm - Netherlands - the Common Linnets (I am sure the Winter Soldier was signing for them :))
  3. Undo - Sweden - Sanna Nielson
I also loved Iceland, Norway, Spain and Slovenia's entries. You can see them all on Youtube under the Eurovision's Official Channel.


  1. Love this! Women wear men's clothing all the time, so why can't a man wear women's clothing? I have to admit, the beard threw me off a bit when I first saw the picture, but like you I'm saying, "Who cares?" My nephews would find it funny that a man is wearing a dress (or that a woman has a beard) but it would've been those two women with big boobs that I would'nt have wanted them to see!

    1. The beard made me look twice when I first saw her too (it was in an interview and I hadn't heard her song yet), but it's like everything else, it's amazing how easy it is to accept when you've been looking for a while. The Polish entry annoyed me because it really did just seem to be about the boobs - it seemed to be purely designed to grab the male vote - at least that was my impression. It was also kind of terrible IMHO :).

  2. Okay.Ii have to admit. I have been living under a rock. I saw your twitter posts about Conchita, but didn't have the time to look into it. Glad you posted here about it!

    And ummm yeah. Poland? What the hell is wrong with you? lol!

    1. I did add the proviso of outside Europe too, because Eurovision is a very European madness :D

      Apparently the UK phone vote put Poland first (I am ashamed of my country), but the jury put them last, so Conchita came out with our top 12 points because the votes are combined for the actual results. I think there were many men voting on the phones because the Polish song was simply bad ...

  3. I guess I've been living under a rock. I saw tweets about Eurovision but nothing really perked my interest and made me try to find more out about it.

    1. Outside of Europe is allowed not to know :) Eurovision is worth a look if you like a completely bonkers song competition which is not always about the songs :).

  4. I know a ton of women that would kill for that hair!

  5. Hi Tasha .. what a great post and definitely should be sent to Putin?! However I've been really pleased to see all the positives arising out of her win ... and she has certainly rocked the boat ... and by the look of it will continue to do so.

    Wonderful fun read .. cheers Hilary

    PS I emailed you a while ago .. to the Wittegren site ... and wondered if you'd got it .. ??

    1. It has been great to see hasn't it.

      I'm afraid I don't remember seeing anything - I believe it was a bit flakey for a while. When did you send it?


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