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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Posting every day meme...

I need your help, please :D

So I saw moonlettuce doing this and ummed and ahhhed, but it does seem like a good idea. I can't do it for every day in Jan because I missed today and I need to give you time to suggest topics, so I'm going to go from the 8th Jan to 7th Feb :)

Pick a day and any topic you would like to hear me rattle on about (or just a topic and I'll pick a day if you like), comment and then I shall fill the days in below and attempt to make posts about those topics (barring anything unforeseen that is :)). I would very much appreciate it if you would pick topics you think I know something about ::g::.

I might even consider writing a short fic, but it would only be a drabble.

This is going on my LJ, DW and blog, so if the day happens to be taken because I haven't updated yet I reserve the right to move you by a day if necessary - hope that's okay.

[Edit: got my days wrong, oops, so have added in two.]

6th: dracavia What's the one movie you haven't reviewed thus far that you think is a must see and how can you possibly have overlooked reviewing/rec'ing it thus far?
7th: dracavia Anything on your experiences as a self-publishing author.
8th: dracavia Anything Marvel or HP related (in fic preference for frostiron/frozenpizza and H/D)
9th: gummibearthief What dish created the greatest desire to create good food in your kitchen?
10th: aardvarkinmud What are your plans for the future?
12th: [personal profile] moonlettuce Apparently, the 12th is Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. Run with this :D
13th: aardvarkinmud What toys do you see nowadays do you wish you could have played with as a kid? And reverse, what toys from your childhood do you wish were still around?
15th: entropy12 the next chapter or the rest of your Fic: One to the Other, HarryPotter/Avatar, Harry/Draco, Jake/Neytiri (I will try, but I had totally forgotten I hadn't finished writing this one)
16th: dracavia Another one of your tasty recipe recommendations, perhaps something themed to the winter season (eg comfort food, seasonal produce, etc)
17th: aardvarkinmud List of favorite myths. List of favorite creatures (real or imaginary).
19th: aardvarkinmud List of favorite myths. List of favorite creatures (real or imaginary).
21st: dracavia The trials and tribulations of crazy cat ownership.
23rd: aardvarkinmud What pictures do you like to look at?
24th: the4ts Name at least one book you wish you'd never, ever read and one book you would happily read over and over again.
25th: aardvarkinmud Favorite anime? Any ones that you'd want to try but haven't yet?
27th: starr_falling what is your favorite book (or books as I know it's hard to pick just one)?
28th: the4ts one thing you secretly covet and one thing you wished you'd never set eyes on, let alone acquired.
29th: aardvarkinmud And lastly (cause I'm just brainstorming lol), what are your guilty pleasures? Particularly any tv shows?
31st: starr_falling January 31 is Chinese New Year. Do you celebrate? What's your sign? ;) Do you read your horoscope?
1st: temaris Is it worth filing off the serial numbers or just write original fic to start with?
6th: dameange I would love to know what happens in the Corruption Sequence.
7th: lost_house what topics have you not written about that you really should have? who's january post did you read and think "why didn't i get asked that one? i could have written pages!"

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