Monday, 16 December 2013

Review: Cockneys vs Zombies - it's brilliant

Title: Cockneys vs Zombies
Rating: 15
Rasmus Hardiker ... Terry
Harry Treadaway ... Andy
Michelle Ryan ... Katy
Jack Doolan ... Davey Tuppence
Georgia King ... Emma
Ashley Thomas ... Mental Mickey (as Ashley Bashy Thomas)
Tony Gardner ... Clive
Alan Ford ... Ray
Honor Blackman ... Peggy
Matthias Hoene ... (original idea)
James Moran ... (screenplay)
Lucas Roche ... (screenplay)
Summary: Terry and Andy are brothers and their usual line of work is delivering meals on wheels. However, their Granddad's care home is about to be knocked down by some nasty developers, and they tried to go about helping in a normal way, but they need too much money. Hence the obvious answer is a bank job, right? Given how well the bank job goes it's probably a good thing that the East End of London is overtaken by a zombie infestation at the same time.

This film has sass, comedy, brilliant timing and Honor Blackman with a machine gun; what more could anyone want in a movie?

If you haven't already guessed, I loved this film. I saw it last night after a lovely friend bought it for me off my wishlist for my birthday. It is a comedy horror along the lines of Shaun of the Dead, but (my husband would probably disown me for this) I think it's even better than that and I like Shaun a whole lot too.

This film has everything:
  • great, fast moving plot
  • brilliant characters
  • a hilarious script
  • a superb cast
I laughed a lot, out loud while watching this movie. There are some truly funny moments as well as keeping it exciting and action packed. There is an irreverence when dealing with the zombies that is simply brilliant, right from the first moment when one of the characters announces 'Zombies' to the final showdown in a bid for escape. Frankly if I get stuck in a zombie apocalypse, I'd want these guys at my back.

Which brings me smoothly onto the characters. The big problem I have with some films these days is I just don't like any of the characters at all. Not an issue with this movie. Yes brothers Terry and Andy are somewhat inept and Andy definitely comes under the heading of plonker and jammy git, but they are fantastic characters and their flaws just made me like them more. Katy, their cousin, is totally in control and brings all the sass to the situation and plays off against them brilliantly. I had the feeling they had been having the same arguments for years. They really felt like family.

Then there is Mental Mickey who, as his name suggests, is mental and a brilliant foil for his less ruthless compatriots. His name alone had me sniggering, especially since he has a metal plate in his head and my brain went straight to 1980s children's TV (Metal Mickey). I won't spoil what happens, but there was one scene with Mickey and a zombie that had me all but falling off my seat laughing.

Every single one of the pensioners in the care home was different and interesting and the way they were put together as a group was fantastic. They didn't suddenly turn into action heroes, but boy could they hold their own, walkers, wheelchairs and all.

Some of the other characters are stereotypes, tried and tested by British comedy, but they were so well done they were perfect. There wasn't one character I thought was surplus to requirements.

They whole cast gave wonderful performances and their comic timing was spot on. The youngsters were fantastic, but I have to admit it was the cast of greats playing the oldies in the care home that had me entranced. Alan Ford, Honor Blackman, the late, great Richard Briers and more, at least three of whom I recognised from Sylvester McCoy era Doctor Who, all fantastic.

I was entertained from beginning to end when watching this film.  It's the kind of movie I can watch again and again and I suspect I shall :). I cannot recommend it more.

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