Saturday, 2 November 2013

NanoWriMo - day 2 - going well do far :)

So nano is going well so far. I have completed my word count for both days and have lots of ideas to keep going. At this point I am pacing myself because I don't want to burn out. The novel idea is still percolating in the back of my brain so I don't want to run out of what I know before the rest has had a chance to grow :).

Was nattering to Rob about it over breakfast this morning and he gave me a wonderful idea for the spaceship :).
Hope everything is going well for all my NanoWriMo friends too.

BTW if anyone wants a copy of my variable Nano spreadsheet it's here: Word Count Spreadsheet.

It does the same things as the Nano stats page, but allows you to have:
  • a variable number of days, 
  • a variable word count 
  • a total before start date (so if you have some scenes already written that are not part of your word count you don't have to try and remember to take that off every time you update your total).
Here's a screen grab of what the sheet looks like.

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