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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Drabble Cascade #31 - Alone (gen, g)

Greetings, this is one of my drabbles for this week's drabble cascade. Our word of the week is 'independent' in support of all indie writers hit by the Kobo/WHSmith's mess.

by Natasha Duncan-Drake

To be independent, to stand alone relying on no one but yourself is a dream for some people. To be perfectly equipped to deal with life all by yourself is the goal. But in our modern world of gadgets and internet and text messages and Twitter it is possible to go through life without touching anyone at all. A friend is someone on the other side of social media who may turn out to be someone you don't know at all.

Being independent gets mixed up with being alone and it all goes wrong.

Sometimes 'independent' just feels like 'lonely'.

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