Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Drabble Cascade week #16: Dark (R with warning for abuse trigger)

The Drabble Cascade happens every Tuesday and runs all week. We have a prompt word, this week's is 'hidden' and we invite anyone who would like to, to submit drabbles (100 word stories) or flashfic (up to 500 words). To play you simply write, post and add your link to the list at the bottom of this post. Anyone can join in and we accept original fic, fanfic or even meta as long as it is inspired by the word of the week.

This is a flashfic for this week's word.

Please be aware I am placing it behind a cut because it has possible triggering subject matter, although there is no actual adult content, simply adult concepts. If reports of child abuse are an issue for you, please do not click into this flash fic. This week I was rather darkly inspired.

by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Sarah is a lovely girl. Dedicated to her university studies, bit of a blogger, friend to all she meets. The perfect cover in fact; no one would ever suspect Sarah. I wouldn't say she is my antithesis, but we are very, very different. I sometimes wonder what she would think if she knew about me. Of course she never will.

My name is Dark. As you can probably tell by the name I was created by a child's mind, but I have grown and changed just as Sarah has. She doesn't know about me, never will, but I protect us and as many others as I can find.

Sarah doesn't remember what Uncle Dave used to do to us when he visited every other Saturday. I do. I hold it all, making sure it will never poison Sarah, but I will never forget and I burn with hate. Uncle Dave died in agony after he ate a poisonous mushroom when Sarah was thirteen. Sarah doesn't remember going walking in the woods, she doesn't remember picking the mushroom or adding it to Uncle Dave's bowl of stew. It was her body, but it was me that did those things. That was the day I finally became strong enough to take over and not just cower in Sarah's mind, taking in all she feared.

We are twenty one now and while she lives her life, I seek out those who would prey on the weak.

All Sarah knows is sometimes she goes to bed early and sleeps like the dead. It's actually amazing how little sleep a human body really needs. I make sure we get enough of course, I would never hurt Sarah, I am her guardian after all, but when she sleeps this is my body.

I suppose you would call me an assassin. There are an amazing number of ways to kill a person without anyone ever suspecting murder. I wait and I watch like any predator, assessing my prey. Once I find them, the abusers, the evil our species breeds, they are already dead, it just takes me a little while to decide how.

You would have thought that at some point the authorities would notice something. I always make sure there is evidence of the crimes of those I kill, so the headline is not 'Local Councillor Has Heart Attack' but rather, 'Child Pornography Found in House of Dead Local Councillor'. Justice must be seen to be done even if I am Justice's hand in the shadows. I know it is probably a foible, but I am what I am. One day it might lead them to me; if anyone is ever clever enough to see the pattern, but I am prepared. On that day I will confess everything and once they understand I will destroy myself and Sarah will finally be free.

I am Dark and I will remain hidden in the back of Sarah's mind, never letting my black heart pollute her.

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  1. Oh I love this.

    Sarah; who never knew that Dark was there, will never know that Dark is gone; will only know that somehow she was the one responsible even though she doesn't remember. The authorities will know she did the crime and then Sarah, who can't remember, will be locked up as surely as Dark initially had been within her mind.


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