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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

'Write like the deadline is tomorrow' month :)

So I have cheerfully named this month 'Write like the deadline is tomorrow' month because I really need to get my head down and start typing.

I have three publications to finish this month, hopefully for staggered publication in June.

One is a novel which is 85% finished already. I just have the final touches to put to it before it goes into the editing process. Given that I don't write in a straight line, this means all the little bits I couldn't be arsed to write to begin with or the bits I just didn't know how to navigate. I actually love this bit. Just occasionally there are those wonderful moments where I've left a gap in the middle of a scene and all it actually takes is one sentence to make it perfect :).

They're rare, but I can hope for divine inspiration ;).

The other two are both novellas. One is 70% done, but the blasted thing keeps growing. I was aiming for just over 20K words, but it looks like it's going to be over 30K. At least my readers should be happy :).

The other isn't done at all. I know what it's about and have the first scene done, but that's it.

Hence, 'Write like the deadline is tomorrow'. I'm actually rather revved up, which is nice :D.

Also, have just discovered Chai tea - I love it. Hopefully it will help me get through all the writing.


  1. Hope you manage to get through all your writing.


  2. Good luck with your writing, your deadlines, and your publishing. I've gassed up the keyboard and am making my way through the road trip. Picking up some blogs I didn't get to during the a-z challenge.
    Oozing Out My Ears

    1. Many thanks and thanks so much for visiting. I am playing comment catch up while I'm having my lunch today :).

  3. Sounds like this will be an amazingly busy month for you! I write like you...the parts I can't get, I leave out for later. I thought I was insane. Apparently I'm normal, so thanks for that! And thanks for visiting and commenting at Life is Good. I do appreciate it. Best of luck with your work, and may they sell like hotcakes.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

    1. It is a bit busy, but it's fun :). I think there are more of us than you think who write like that. My twin can't understand how I can do it, she writes from beginning to end, but I leap around all the time :).
      Thank you *hugs*


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