Tuesday, 14 May 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #10 - Cocoon of Safety? PG

This week our prompt word for the Drabble Cascade is eyes. If you would like to join in (everyone is welcome to) all you have to do is write a 100 word drabble or up to a 500 words flash fic of original fic, fanfic or meta inspired by the word and post it, before adding your link to the list at the bottom of the post (it's under the read more so as not to clog the feed).

This post is also inspired by May Monster Madness which is a blog hop I am taking part in at the moment. I have done a post for today here May Monster Madness #4 - Fear of the Dark, but I thought it would be good for this week's Drabble Cascade post to be inspired by it as well as our word of the week.

Cocoon of Safety?
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Click, tap, slide.

It repeated over and over again as Joanna lay there under the covers. She tried not to even breathe, lest the sound alert whatever was making the noise.

Everything had started while she was trying to fall asleep and her first instinct had been to dive under the duvet, but now she realised her error. She was trapped and she could not see. She dared not look, just in case her hiding place was safe, but neither could she stop her mind from imagining terrible things.

Click, tap, slide, tap. That wasn't right. Then the duvet twitched.


  1. A great drabble.


  2. Oh good it wasn't just me that thought to hide under the covers. Cats are very useful. You can blame them for noises and shifting bed covers and depressions of the bed. *nods head*

    1. Ah yes, I used to blame all noises on our kitty when we had him. I miss my kitties, we shall have to get some more.

  3. The Eyes Have It (PG for horror)

  4. *shiver* Wonderful job of creating such a creepy atmosphere with just a few words.


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