Tuesday, 16 April 2013

FB3X Drabble Cascade #6 - (At)Tempting (G)

This week our prompt word for the Drabble Cascade is spice. If you would like to join in all you have to do is write 100 words of original fic, fanfic or meta inspired by the word and post it, before adding your link to the list below.

I would just like to state, this is not inspired by my own husband, who is a great cook ;).

by Natasha Duncan-Drake

I can smell the heavy scents of spice as I come home and my first thought is: 'Oh god, Jeremy's cooking.'

My wonderful husband is many things, but a cook he is not.

I hurry into the kitchen and note that every single pot and pan seems to have been used and there is mess everywhere. However, on the table there are two plates of what look like passable curry.

"I did it," Jeremy says, covered in what appears to be mango chutney.

I can't be mad that it will take us hours to clean, because he looks so pleased.


  1. LOL I recognise this!
    Hubby is a decent cook these days but for him it's a precision art, never mind if things aren't the same temp. and take forever.. it's the achievement. :D

  2. Isn't the rule that 'he who cooks doesn't have to clean up after'?

    That's the way it is with my daughter and new by 1 year son-in-law. Two onerous jobs shared and first to pick gets out of the other. *grins*

    This is sweet. Want to pinch both their cheeks, *rolls eyes* the ones on their faces.

    1. Ah, now that depends on how much mess has been made ;)

      LOL, I love your qualification ::g::

  3. lol! Methinks he is lucky she loves him. :)


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