Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nano - Day 13

Totally in the zone with Nano now :). The novel is going very smoothly and I even have the bad guy figured out - yay! I think I have just about all of it in my head now, so it's only a matter of getting it into the PC. Some of the smaller details will still just happen, that's the way I write, but all the important bits are sorted. This makes me happy because I'm not even half way through writing yet.

I have already kicked my word total for the day and then some so I think I am going to stop there until tomorrow. Give the whole new section I wrote time to percolate in the back of my brain and settle in properly. Because we have people staying this weekend I need to clean everything, so I think I will do some of that next, before going on to the other two writing projects.

My favourite scene from today was a completely off the top of my head scene with Charlie dropping a Spider-man reference and then having to explain it. :)

I can already tell that the hardest scene to write is going to be a fight scene towards the end. I've tried to start it a couple of times and nada, so I suspect that will be the last thing I write. It's like in my adult stuff it's usually the sex I write last, in the YA, it's the fights! Anyone else find fights hard? It can be so difficult to make them interesting and exciting as well as anatomically possible for all involved.

Still need a name for the novel. Hmmm... time to get the dictionary out :)

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