Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Den of Eek! was amazing

So yesterday was Den of Eek! and it was so brilliant. I haven't read my own work in front of anyone since school and I was as nervous as hell. Seems people who do it all the time get nervous too though, so we all bonded over wine and how scared we were of the room full of people. Everyone was lovely and it was so well organised.

For those who don't know, Den of Eek! was a horror short story show case organised by Den of Geek, the wonderful and most informative website for all things movie, book, comic and, well everything geeky. The event was in aid of their charity Geeks vs Cancer.

There were nine invited writers and then Den of Geek ran a reader comp for three more spots on the itinerary and I won one of them :). My story is called "Death in the Modern World" and is all done via tweets. It was much fun to read it out even though my mouth felt like the sahara on a bad day because of nerves. All the other stories were superb, everything from disappearing stairs through a phantom limb interpreted as I have never heard it interpreted before, to other technologically based horror, a wicked clock, doppelgänger, a moment with a vcr that should never be repeated and two historical pieces too.

There may be a podcast and an ebook of the whole event, but those were both maybes last I heard, so I will let you all know as soon as I hear.

It may have been a nightmare getting through London traffic (I don't do well on the underground so we had to drive), but it was worth every minute. Love doing it, loved talking to everyone, it was brill.

The organisers:
The lovely @SarahDobbs and @DenofGeek

The invited writers:
@claylittlewood @FinalBullet @cjlines @SarahPinborough @jamesmoran @newsmary @neil_jones @johannesroberts @exkevinmcnally

Us winners:
@JoffB @skippybe and @beren_writes (me)

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